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Online Shopping for Indian Brides’ Clothes Designers

Indian clothes created by Indian designers usually are distinct and unique because they are normally made only in limited numbers and customised to reflect the designer’s and customer’s personality and style. Indian designers have created Indian clothes for everyone ranging from the Queens, Princesses and Bollywood Stars to the rich and famous in India.

Indian designers as the name might imply are usually based in India and have stores and studios across India in prestigious locations. Does this mean that the styles created by Indian designers can only be bought from the stores? Not really, buying Indian clothes online from leading Indian designers is an option being used by a lot of brides.

Buying Indian designer clothes for a bride might initially seem daunting online – mainly because customers are worried about the range of choice and the fit of the finished garment. Lets look at each aspect individually:

Range of choice: In the physical world, a customer visits store after store of dresses and makes a short-list of the styles that she likes. Then she re-visits the stores to see the dresses again to make sure that the dress is the best one from amongst all the different ones she has seen. Compare this to buying Indian clothes online, where the customer browses through various collections, saves her favourites and then sits with her mother to see each of the styles together. This saves her time and the hassle of visiting physical stores that might be located miles apart from each other, not to mention perhaps in very different cities possibly.

Fit of Indian clothes: For a bride, one of the scariest parts is the fit of her wedding dress. Designer dresses are usually favoured because the fit is comfortable and the silhouette flattering. In the physical world, a bride might need to visit the designer’s store or studio multiple number of times to get the fitting right. If the store is located in a different city, then of course the time and cost add up very quickly. Compare this to an online purchase, where the bride takes her measurements in the privacy and comfort of her own home. She tries the dress in the comfort of her own home, because it has been delivered to her at home. If changes are needed, she sends the dress back to the Indian designer for changes. She gets it back at home to try and finalise.

The amount of convenience and cost saved in ordering Indian clothes, including Indian clothes for brides, online is very clear – the time and travel costs are substantially lower than buying the same in a physical store.

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