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Choosing Your Travel Agent in India

A magical land reverberating with rich history and glowing with the promise of tomorrow, India is one of the most happening tourist destinations for travelers from across the globe. We have just returned to US after a great Indian vacation. The resplendent colors, magnificent monuments, heritage temples and cultural treasures of India simply overwhelmed us on our travel to India

But we must thank our travel agent for India for making our trip so special and a memory to cherish in years to come. We were overwhelmed by the warm hospitality, excellent organization and exceptional assistance extended by the staff members of this tour operator truly deserve appreciation.

Before planning on an Indian holiday, in fact, we were rather apprehensive about traveling to India because some of our friends had had some really horrifying experiences while on tours with Indian travel agents. They complained of horrible tour guides, disastrous service, and even at times the payments made to the agencies were not guaranteed either. In short, the feedbacks weren’t that encouraging! So how does one choose “the right” travel agent? Tricky one…But with our recent experience of India and the travel agents who made it one big party for us. Here’s someone you would want to try out!

They are one of the premier travel agents for Travel to India. If you are looking for a certified travel agent who will not take you for a ride – go by this one…It has been in the industry for 17 years and that is not a short time to be reckoned as one of the best. Besides if you are like me – I like to be absolutely sure that I am putting my money in the right place – you’ll be at ease knowing that the company is accredited with a number of national and international distinguished bodies in travel and tourism industry.

They offer a plethora of inbound tours for groups and individual tourists as well as a host of tourism-associated services for inbound tourists in India and neighboring countries like Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka. This India travel agent specializes in all kinds of tours – from adventure tours, cultural tours and beach tours, to festival holidays, heritage holidays, backwater tours, wildlife tours, religious tours, rejuvenation and Ayurveda tours, as well as corporate tours. They also provide invaluable assistance in hotel booking and air booking for India, itinerary planning and car rental services.

But what makes them a class apart from other India travel agents is the fact that they knows what it takes to satisfy a traveler. At least that is what our travel to India with them proved! We enjoyed India in a way that is quite unique, unexplored and hassle-free.

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